Sony Acquires Haven Studios as The Studio Works on Live Service PS5 Exclusive

"Haven Studios is led by Jade Raymond"

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Sony Acquires Haven Studios as The Studio Works on Live Service PS5 Exclusive

Sony has announced that the PlayStation brand has agreed to fully acquire Haven Studios. For those who don’t know, Haven Studios is a recently new company formed by Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars and Google veteran Jade Raymond.

Sony originally announced its investment in Haven Studios last year when Raymond formed the company. At the time, Raymond announced that the studio’s first project was a PlayStation exclusive game. In addition, this game was a new IP built specifically for the PlayStation brand.

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Since the acquisition announcement, Raymond and her team have confirmed that this project is actually a live service game built for the PS5 and its audience. This IP is built upon a systemic and evolving world according to Raymond.

PlayStation says that the acquisition aligns with the company’s goal to create exciting new experiences for gamers. Once the purchase has been confirmed, Haven Studios will continue to run by the current management team in close collaboration with PlayStation.

The Haven Studios acquisition also marks a big move for Sony. It is the company’s first investment in a Canadian video game company. They join the likes of EA, Tencent, Microsoft, Square Enix and others who already have studios set up in the country.

Haven Studios currently houses over 60 employees. The studio is the 18th developer to join the PlayStation Studios family. This follows Sony’s other most recent acquisition of Bungie last month. In an interview on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan shared some words saying:

“Haven Studios is an emerging studio with an exceptional team of talent, and we’re delighted to welcome them into PlayStation as our first game development studio in Canada.

The studio’s focus on creating an original AAA multiplayer game will not only flex the power of PlayStation 5 but will further expand upon the diverse catalog of gaming experiences that can only be found on PlayStation.”

Source: PS Blog

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