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Sony Acquiring a Popular Konami IP Leak Dismissed as False

Earlier this week, a wild rumour began to spread online about Sony and PlayStation potentially acquiring the IP for a popular Konami franchise. Many websites ran with it, but as it turns out, the source of this supposed “leak” was a parody account.

The Twitter account VGnewsinsider (already a red flag there) reported yesterday that Sony had acquired the rights to a popular Konami IP, with fans expecting Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill to finally be resurrected. Unfortunately, the source in question has openly stated that they’re a parody account which simply got lucky with their exposure.

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This didn’t stop the news from spreading like wildfire, catching traction on Reddit before being reported on by multiple websites and YouTube channels. The source was sketchy enough, having only made one tweet before the “leak” gained momentum.

VGnewsinsider quickly announced that they didn’t mean for the tweet to blow up, and they were simply a parody account similar to The Onion for video game leaks. Their full response reads:

“I was never meant to be a scooper. this account was meant to be essentially The Onion for game leaks. I started by posting an extremely vague rumour and posted it on reddit thinking i’ll maybe get 80 followers or something but it blew up.

A bunch of youtube news channels started claiming they did research and i was legit to get more views and then journalists started covering it. you’d think they’d look a little further than a single reddit comment if they wanted people think they’re credible sources right?

I mean my account when shared had one tweet and was made on the day, all of my likes are tweets that are saying this is bullshit. you’d think a journalist or a gaming news channel would actually care enough to verify the shit they share.”

As it stands, there aren’t any concrete rumours to go on that indicates Sony have signed some kind of deal with Konami, despite how popular this rumour might be. As sad as it is to not have a new Metal Gear or Silent Hill (or if we’ll ever see another one again), we recommend treating most leaks with a grain of salt until an official confirmation, as always.

Source: VGnewsinsider (via PlayStation Lifestyle)

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