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Sony Adds ALLM to PS5 Consoles in Latest Update

Sony has enabled ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) across PS5 consoles in the latest system software update that was released earlier this week. While the company didn’t publically announce the feature in its patch notes, users have reported seeing the feature working across certain TVs. Something that wasn’t available before the system update was released.

If you didn’t notice the feature then it’s not your fault, ALLM isn’t anything new and doesn’t really benefit all users. Some users won’t even notice the feature at all if you already use the Game Mode setting on your TV.

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The feature enables the PS5 to send a signal to supported TVs to tell it that games are being played allowing the TV to switch to Game Mode, which provides the best low latency experience. When users are watching movies on the PS5, ALLM then tells the TV a game isn’t being played and the viewing mode then switches to something else that benefits movies and TV shows.

In short, ALLM helps users save time by automatically changing the picture mode on your TV to the one that provides the lowest latency. While it doesn’t improve the latency, it does help if you’re someone who uses different viewing modes or connect your PS5 to an AVR system.

You will know ALLM is working if you change your input on your TV to say “Movie” and then turn your PS5 on. Your TV will then switch modes to Game Mode and notify you that the best game response mode has been selected. For example, LG TVs say “The Instant Game Response is Launched” as it goes from Cinema Mode to Game Mode while using the PS5.

Keep in mind that if you already use Game Mode on your PS5 all the time, this feature won’t come up at all. That is because you already make use of the best low latency mode on your TV and there’s no reason for the PS5 to change that. You also need to have a TV that supports ALLM. However, it is quite an old feature so most modern TVs include it out of the box.

Now that the PS5 officially has ALLM, we just need VRR and 1440p support then we’ll have a console that actually has features people need. Sony announced earlier this week that VRR is in the works and releasing in the next few months…. Yes, months.

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