Sony Adjusting PS5 Price to Compete With Xbox Series X | S – Rumour

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Sony Adjusting PS5 Price to Compete With Xbox Series X | S – Rumour

It has been a strange week in gaming. After multiple leaks, Microsoft announced its Xbox Series S console. After which, the company was then forced to announced a release date and price for both the Series S and X console. In case you missed it, The upcoming console launches on 10 November 2020 for R11,999 (X) and R6,999 (S). You can read all about it here. However, it seems that Sony was also meant to announce its PS5 release date and pricing this week but after the leaks, the company delayed the announcement to readjust it.


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According to multiple insiders, the PlayStation 5 was coming in at a higher price tag compared to the Xbox Series X. A source that spoke to GameReactor claims to have an overview of the situation. According to the said source, the PlayStation 5 was considerably more expensive than the Xbox Series X. This could have been $50 or $100. After Microsoft’s announcement which should have taken place next week, Sony decided to delay its price and date reveal to readjust the launch price.

Of course, this is all based on a so-called “insider source” so take it with a pinch of salt for now. However, the information seems to make sense. Gamereactor claims that Sony is now planning to set the price of the PS5 at $399 for the Digital model and $499 for the disc drive version. Since Microsoft revealed its plans earlier than expected, it has now given Sony time to slash the price of the console to undercut the competition. It also means the PS5 could have originally been priced at $549 and $449.

From what we understand here if Microsoft’s plans did not leak, Sony would have announced the PS5 this week at a higher price point. However, the situation has since changed. So when can we expect a PS5 release date and price? Any day now it seems. Sony won’t announce something this big on a Friday so we can expect the announcement early next week perhaps.

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