Sony and Nintendo Change Subscription Terms to Abide With CMA Investigation

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Sony and Nintendo Change Subscription Terms to Abide With CMA Investigation

Sony and Nintendo are being forced to update their guidelines related to online subscriptions. This is specifically related to PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Switch Online. The update has been forced on them by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) after the firm investigated dodgy auto-renewal practices pertaining to their online subscription services.

The CMA has been investigating companies that take advantage of consumers by automatically renewing online subscriptions without consent. Usually, these automatic renewals aren’t made clear to customers and are turned on by default when a user signs up for the service.

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Both Nintendo and Sony are at fault for these practices. Nintendo Switch Online automatically turns on auto-renewal once you sign up and forces you to go and cancel the automatic charge in another menu only after you sign up. Nintendo’s new system will no longer turn on auto-renewal when a user signs up. If a user wishes to enable this feature they can do so themselves.

As for Sony, the company is changing its approach to long-term customers. Now, subscribers who haven’t used the service for a while will be contacted by Sony and asked if they would like to cancel their membership. If customers aren’t using the service and don’t cancel it, Sony will now stop taking payments.

The move is definitely a good thing. Customers should have more control over their memberships especially when it comes to automatic renewals. We don’t know how long it will take for Sony to cancel a membership if you’re not using it. We also don’t know what the duration of “not using it” is at the moment. Hopefully, this will cut down on people being charged for both Nintendo Switch Online and PlayStation Plus when they are no longer using the service.

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Source: GamesIndustry

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