Sony Announces PlayStation Partnership With Discord and PS5 Integration in 2022

"Expect big things in early 2022"

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Sony Announces PlayStation Partnership With Discord and PS5 Integration in 2022

Sony is now partnering with the popular online communication and chat service, Discord that will see the company bring the service and PlayStation experiences close together on console and mobile. According to Sony, gamers can expect to see full integration of Discord into the PlayStation ecosystem in early 2022.

While details on this partnership are slim at the moment, Sony has hinted at what we can expect to see. The company claims that both PlayStation and Discord are both hard at work connecting the chat service with a social and gaming experience on the PlayStation Network. We don’t know yet whether or not this means Discord will get its own social app and menu on the PS5 or whether or not it will be integrated into the current chat system. However, users will most likely be able to link their PSN and Discord accounts together and make use of the service across both platforms.


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Sony says they are investing an undisclosed amount of money into the Discord partnership as part of its new Series H investment. This would make them a minority investor in Discord. As for Discord, the company will no doubt benefit from the investment too. Not only from a monetary point of view but also with an increase in user accounts.

Discord was recently up for sale. Well, the company was in talks with Microsoft for a possible $10 billion acquisition. However, these talks ended without any agreement. Reports claimed that Discord decided to investigate becoming a public company instead.

Sony says more information on the PlayStation and Discord partnership will arrive in the months ahead. However, don’t expect to see any features added to the PS5 and PSN until early 2022.

Source: SIE

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