Sony Apologizes For PS5 Pre-Order Campaign and Promises More Stock
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There’s no beating around the bush here that the PS5 has had a terrible pre-order campaign. Around the world, gamers are finding it hard to get hold of a console. In SA, stock is so limited that some retailers did not even launch a pre-order campaign but instead just emailed interested customers. In some countries like India, Sony has not even announced a price and release date for the console. In the US, the stock is impossible to get hold of with many gamers fearing the worst. However, Sony is aware of the PlayStation 5 stock issue and promises there will be more available through the end of the year.


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Over the weekend, the company posted an out-of-the-ordinary tweet acknowledging the PS5 stock issues. Sony agreed that the pre-order program could have gone a lot smoother than it did. In addition, the company claims that more consoles will release to retailers in the next few days.

What this means for SA is unclear. Will gamers get an opportunity to pre-order a console this week for launch day? We don’t know. We have reached out to the local suppliers to find out whether or not South African gamers will benefit from Sony’s promise to deliver more stock. However, keep in mind that South Africa is set to receive three waves of consoles. The first being in launch week followed by another 2-3 weeks later. The final drop for 2020 will arrive before Xmas. It sounds as if there will be ample stock before the end of the year but getting hold of a console on launch is going to be a struggle.

We will share more information if we hear more. In the meantime, if you see a PS5 don’t take any chances and pre-order it as soon as possible.






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