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Sony Assigned Over 150 Employees to Help With The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol might have not been possible if it wasn’t for Sony’s aid. It seems that the company did quite a lot for the team over at Striking Distance Studios to help bring the horror game to life. While there’s still some major concern surrounding the game’s launch day review embargo, The Callisto Protocol might actually impress gamers from a technical point of view thanks to the various Sony-owned entities that helped the development.

For starters, Striking Distance Studios used PlayStation’s Motion Capture Studio to help bring The Callisto Protocol’s animations to life. The company also contributed a lot of developers to the game’s cinematics. It is also revealed now that Sony tasked over 150 employees to work on The Callisto Protocol.

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According to the game’s end credits, which have leaked on ResetEra due to retail copies leaking early, the game lists the Sony staff and the list is quite long. The credits state that all these 150+ workers were from the PlayStation Visual Arts Services Group and the PlayStation Malaysian Team.

Keep in mind that Sony aiding developers on projects like this isn’t really anything new. However, this is the biggest project we have seen to date. We haven’t seen as many workers from PlayStation contribute to a third-party release before.

The large workforce might also have something to do with Sony’s marketing rights for The Callisto Protocol. The company has signed a contract agreement with Striking Distance Studios to market the game on PlayStation. This means the majority of the trailers and advertisements for the title are branded with PlayStation content. It also means that Sony had early access to new trailers on YouTube.

This marketing deal is a lot smaller than say, the Destiny partnership from back in 2013 but it definitely helped make this game look like a PlayStation title. Sony also likely wanted this game to be a success and if that means assigning a 150+ workforce to the project then so be it.

The Callisto Protocol releases on 2 December for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: ResetEra via PushSquare

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