Sony Banning PS5 Owners For Sharing PlayStation Plus Collection Licences
"Don't let your friends sign into your PS5 in order to get free games."

The PS5 comes with a pretty great instant game library called the PlayStation Plus Collection. If you are an active PlayStation Plus subscriber and you own a PS5, you can enjoy over 20 games at no extra cost including God of War, Days Gone and more. However, the service is only available on PS5 and those who have yet to pick up the console due to the massive stock shortages, miss out on the freebies.


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Of course, users without a PS5 have now realized that they can exploit the free game collection by signing to a friend’s PS5 console and redeeming all the PlayStation Plus Collection games on their account. That way, the user can download the titles on their PS4, because the PlayStation Plus Collection only includes PS4 games. To make thing worse, PS5 owners are now selling access to their consoles to other players so they can benefit from the free games.

In Malaysia, one user was selling access to his PS5 for $8 a pop. So PS4 owners could pay him, he would sign into the console with their details, and add all the 20 or so games to their library. One user reportedly did this for over 50 clients before Sony picked up on the service and banned him. However, Sony is not only banning the seller of the service but users who purchased the “benefit” have also been banned.

According to Gamerbraves, the seller has been hit with a permanent ban whereas the 50 or so users who he helped for $8 each, now face a two-month ban too.

This is a warning for those who are using their PS5 to help friends gain access to these extra games. Even if you are not charging a premium for it, this no doubt goes against Sony’s Terms of Use and can get your account permanently banned from the PSN. Definitely not worth losing all your purchases and game trophies over this.

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