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Sony Bend Studio Says “We Cooking” With New IP For PS5

Sony Bend Studio is teasing a new IP for PlayStation 5. The studio has confirmed that its upcoming project is a new IP based on an open-world multiplayer experience. The Oregon-based developer previously worked on the post-apocalyptic zombie shooter, Days Gone.

Bend Studio originally pitched creating a sequel to Days Gone. However, Sony reportedly shot down those dreams despite the original game’s success. Since then, Days Gone has been in the news for more controversial reasons. Especially considering Days Gone’s writer and director, John Garvin, has attributed the game’s lukewarm reception to technical issues and “woke reviewers”.

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Garvin has openly complained about games media multiple times online saying that the initial batch of negative reviews for Days Gone were the reason why Sony turned down a sequel. He accused the media of not finishing the game before writing reviews and that reviewers could not handle “a gruff white biker staring at his date’s ass”.

Regardless, Bend Studio will likely learn from the mistakes of Days Gone in the next game. According to reports, this open-world multiplayer game is inspired by Days Gone so we might get a zombie-like experience in the end. While we don’t know how far development is on the new game, a tweet from the studio replying to a fan simply says “we cooking”.

John Garvin has stated in the past that Days Gone originally had a co-op mechanic in the works. The mode would see players explore the world together and survive the zombie onslaught. However, it was scrapped in the middle of development.

Bend Studio was acquired by Sony back in 2000. The studio has since worked on multiple Syphon Filter games for PlayStation 2 and PSP. It was also responsible for Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on PS Vita before working on Days Gone for the PS4. Its next game is expected to be another PlayStation 5 title. However, given its online aspect, it might be released for PC too.

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