Sony Bravia TVs To Get ‘Perfect For PlayStation 5’ Features

Sony has announced that it plans on releasing an Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature for the PS5 before the end of January 2022. The company recently launched its new Sony Bravia XR “Perfect for PlayStation 5” website where they list the best TVs you can buy to support the console. Along with the new site came a handful of new features that users probably didn’t know about. One of which is Auto HDR Tone Mapping.

According to the site, in the near future, the PS5 will be able to instantly optimize the picture quality across supported TVs and select the best HDR settings. Of course, Sony says this will work best on the Bravia XR TV range which includes the X90J, X90H and X85J.

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The site explains that HDR Tone mapping on the PS5 will enable the console to adjust these settings without the user’s input. The site also mentions that the feature is expected to roll out across the Sony Bravia XR TV range and the PS5 before the end of January 2022.

Sony Bravia XR Perfect for PlayStation Auto HDR Tone Mapping

Another feature on the Sony Bravia XR TV range that the company claims makes it “Perfect for PlayStation 5” is Auto Genre Picture Mode. According to the site, this feature is designed to ensure the TV detects when a game is being played and automatically switches to Game Mode for the optimal settings. The TV then also switches to Standard Mode when watching content.

‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’ BRAVIA XR-exclusive Features

The two features are described as:

  • Auto HDR Tone Mapping4With Auto HDR Tone Mapping, the HDR settings will be optimized instantly during PS5 initial setup. The PS5 will automatically recognize individual BRAVIA XR TV models and select the best HDR setting for the TV accordingly. With the optimized HDR tone mapping level to customers’ BRAVIA display specification, they’ll see crucial details and colors even in high contrast scenes. For instance, users will get the addition of detailed objects on the track in Gran Turismo™ 75,6 so they know just how to make their next move.
  • Auto Genre Picture Mode4,7: BRAVIA XR TVs can detect whether users are playing a game or watching movies and shows. With Auto Genre Picture Mode, the TV automatically switches into Game Mode when gaming, which minimizes input lag to make the action more responsive, or to Standard Mode when watching movies via a streaming service or from an Ultra HD Blu-ray™ disc on the PS5, which shifts focus to picture processing for a more expressive picture.

Keep in mind that these TV features aren’t as “exclusive ” as Sony says. They might be named specifically for the Bravia XR TVs but Auto Genre Picture Mode sounds very similar to ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). This is used across a range of TV sets and also switches the panels to the best mode depending on the content.

There’s also a feature called HGiG, HDR Gaming Interest Group, that dynamically maps HDR content for games to suit the console and TV. This also sounds similar to Auto HDR Tone Mapping.

Sure, Sony might have given these features their own unique “Bravia” name but they are already out there in the wild. Still, the company is trying to stress that the Bravia XR TV range is “perfect for PlayStation 5” and they are. How well they perform is still up to debate. Sony recently updated the Bravia XR TV range with VRR support and it doesn’t work properly. They also released 4K 120Hz support last year and it is blurry.

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Source; Sony Bravia site

Gaming | PlayStation | Sony Bravia TVs To Get ‘Perfect For PlayStation 5’ Features
Gaming | PlayStation | Sony Bravia TVs To Get ‘Perfect For PlayStation 5’ Features






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