Sony Bravia X900H v6.0429 Adds Power Warning Bug and no VRR Support – How to Manually Update
Sony Bravia X900H v6.0429 TV South Africa HDMI 2.1 VRR ALLM 4K120 Hz
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Sony Bravia X900H (XH90H) users have been looking forward to a new TV firmware update for some time now. Sony promised VRR and ALLM support which has not yet seen the light of day. The company released a new Sony Bravia X900H (XH90) firmware update numbered v6.0429. Unfortunately, the latest software has caused more problems than it fixed including a power warning bug and again, there’s no VRR support anywhere to be found.


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According to multiple users on Reddit, the Sony Bravia X900H (XH90) firmware update v6.0429 comes with a bug that whenever a user changes a setting on the TV, there’s a warning that pops up telling them that the setting change will increase the TV’s power usage. As of now, users have yet to find a solution to the problem. There’s also no way to turn off the prompt.

The same bug seems to be found in the Sony Bravia X950G/H/Z8H/A8H V6.5016 firmware too as multiple users have reported facing the same “power warning” message. Sony has yet to acknowledge the problem.

According to the official Sony Bravia X900H (XH90) firmware update v6.0429 changelog, the software does the following:

Benefits and improvements

  • Resolves an issue where, under specific circumstances, there would be no sound after the TV was turned on with the remote control

  • Improves general performance and stability

  • Improved User Interface

If you do want to manually update to the Sony Bravia X900H (XH90) firmware v6.0429 then you can follow the links down below. The software is not available in most regions at the time of writing but we will update this post as Sony releases the firmware across more countries.

  • North America: Waiting for link
  • Europe: Download zip here
  • Asia Pacific: Waiting for link
  • Latin America: Waiting for link






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