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Sony Bravia X90H Still Has No VRR/ALLM and Can’t Support Xbox Dolby Vision Gaming

If you missed it, earlier this week Microsoft rolled out quite a substantial update for the Xbox Series X/S in the form of Dolby Vision for gaming. According to the company, this visual mode brings all the benefits of Dolby Vision video content to select Xbox games and allow TVs to automatically adjust colour and brightness to suit the game’s scene. However, the specifications for Dolby Vision gaming aren’t anything to gawk over. In specific, TV sets need to firstly, support Dolby Vision (sorry Samsung owners) and secondly, due to the sheer data rate needed for this setting, TVs also need to have VRR and ALLM in order to reduce the input lag while gaming. Unfortunately, this is where the Sony Bravia X90H/X90J once again disappoints its owners.

It has now been over a year since Sony released the Bravia X90H in certain regions around the world. It launched back in September in SA and Sony has since released a newer model, the X90J in some countries too. With that being said, the company has still not rolled out VRR and ALLM for the TV sets. They did release a shoddy 4K 120Hz update last year that resulted in a downscaled image with very little sharpness, but the real features gamers are after now is VRR and ALLM.

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According to reports, Sony does plan on rolling out VRR and ALLM to the Bravia X90H and X90J sets by the end of 2021 but TV owners are finding it increasingly difficult to believe them. After Microsoft rolled out Dolby Vision for Xbox Series X/S, the Bravia Reddit community shared their frustration on the matter. You see the Sony Bravia X90H and X90J both lack a dedicated Dolby Vision Gaming Mode that combines ALLM and the new Dolby presets into one setting. This means that users can enable the Dolby Vision gaming mode on the Xbox Series X but there is no method in place to reduce the input lag.

Users on the community claim that they have readings of over 150ms of input lag when making use of Dolby Vision gaming on the Xbox Series X. In addition, users can’t have both 4K 120Hz and Dolby Vision active at the same time. This isn’t so bad given that 4K 120Hz still isn’t as mainstream in games today… yet. However, at 150ms of input lag, games are unplayable.

Given how popular the Sony Bravia X90H and X90J is on the market, specifically for gamers, it is unfortunate that a year later users are still waiting for this VRR and ALLM update. Keep in mind that this tech isn’t anything new. In fact, the Xbox One X already had this implemented back in 2017 so surely Sony could have had their 2020 TV ready for VRR and ALLM. We can only hope that the update is actually planned for December 2021 as the reports claim. Sony will most likely roll this out across both the PS5 and Bravia TV sets at the same time.

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