Sony Patents Cartridge Device That Could Be PS5 Related
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Sony has filed a patent for an “electronic game cartridge”. Well, they actually filed it last year but it was only revealed to the public by the Korean intellectual property right information service (KIPRIS) this month. There is very little detail to the patent besides a few blueprints showing off what seems to be a small device with a connector at the bottom of it.

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According to the patent, the handheld device would be made out of synthetic resin and metal and it suggests it could somehow connect to another piece of hardware through its connector port at the bottom of the device. The device also has a circular hole in it which could be only a visual design feature. At the back, there is also a cutout which could mean this device could be docked into something.

The strangest part of the patent has to be the middle of the device which wraps around from the front to the back and also seems to be chamfered into the middle. What purpose this part will have is unclear. Sony has not revealed any information about this patent as yet and it could be something they planned on working on but decided to scrap but then again it could be a piece of hardware they are keeping for next generation.

Whatever it is we have no idea but hopefully, someone will find something out soon. What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments below.






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