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Sony Claims Xbox Will Make The Elder Scrolls 6 Exclusive After All

Earlier this week, PlayStation fans received a spark of hope when Microsoft documents revealed that The Elder Scrolls 6 might be coming to PS5 and won’t be an Xbox exclusive. However, Sony now claims that Xbox is making The Elder Scrolls 6 an exclusive anyway despite what the documents stated. The news arrives during the ongoing case of Microsoft attempting to acquire mega-publisher Activision Blizzard.

The back and forth between Sony and Microsoft regarding what is and what isn’t an exclusive is headache-inducing at this point but The Elder Scrolls 6 particularly stings. Both companies are still pleading its cases to the FTC about whether the deal should go through or not. Sony, naturally, claims that Microsoft would monopolise the gaming industry should the deal go through while Microsoft argues that it’s still willing to share platforms and make deals.

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Sony refuted Microsoft’s recent documents and stated that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 are Xbox exclusives but basically, Microsoft is trying to look good by not specifically mentioning any of these details. Sony may have a point there as Microsoft didn’t outright state that it won’t make The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusive but just vaguely hinted at it, which is as good as being back at square one. Sony’s counter reads:

“Microsoft is fond of arguing that, with its prior acquisitions, it did not make the existing, already released games it acquired exclusive to Xbox. But the foreclosure concern in this case is not about past releases of Call of Duty. It is about the impact of Microsoft making new Call of Duty releases (which are launched every year) exclusive, as it has done for the new releases of Starfield and Elder Scrolls following the acquisition of ZeniMax in 2021. As the PFs explain, these releases were announced in 2018 and were not expected at that time to be Xbox exclusives. It was only after acquiring ZeniMax that Microsoft’s Phil Spencer revealed that, all along, the deal had been about ‘delivering great exclusive games’ for Xbox.”

On the other hand, unless the companies have insider information regarding exclusivity deals and details, nobody can say for certain what will happen once the deal goes through. Until we actually have some confirmation about the nature of The Elder Scrolls 6‘s exclusivity, we’d recommend keeping your fingers crossed.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

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