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Sony Days of Play Celebration Includes Gaming Challenges, Sales and More

Sony has announced its annual Days of Play promotion and given that it is the first year with the PS5 being on the market, Sony is going all out. One of the biggest changes to this year’s festivities is the Days of Play Player Celebration that sees players participate in gaming and trophy earning in order to rack up score and unlock cool goodies across PS4 and PS5.

Sony also says that there’s a big Days of Play sale coming our way soon and it will share details on that promotion closer to the time. Users can also expect a local PlayStation Days of Play sale across various retailers in the coming weeks. As soon as we get those deals, we will share them with you.


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So what about that Days of Play Player Celebration? Well, Sony says that throughout the duration of Days of Play, users will need to participate in various challenges across PS4 and PS5 in order to unlock tiers of goodies. Starting from today, 11 May 2021 up until 31 May, every time you play a game or earn a trophy, you will contribute to a global scale of points. When players reach specific milestones they will then unlock exclusive PSN avatars and PS4 trophies.

Keep in mind that Sony says the promotion is not available in South Africa. However, I was able to sign into my PSN account and register for the challenges. Whether or not my progress will count towards the goal and I will earn any rewards is yet unclear. 

Sony says that playing games during the Days of Play Player Celebration racks up score. Playing with friends on your PSN list earns even more score. Users can also earn up to six trophies a day to contribute to another tier of rewards. In total during the second week, the community needs to play for 3,000,000 hours and earn up to 8,800,000 trophies. However, each week will have its own set goals. This week, 2.4 million hours of game time and 7.2 million trophies need to be earned.

If you are not a South African PSN user or perhaps have an account that is included in the promotion, you can head over to the official site to find out more. Unfortunately, there’s a very low chance South Africans will be able to earn points and claim the rewards from the very cool promo. Pity.


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