Sony Debuts “Inside The Last of Us Part II” Video Series

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Sony Debuts “Inside The Last of Us Part II” Video Series

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on 19 June 2020 and up to now, we have not seen much about the game. Sure, you could have gone and spoilt it for yourself by searching for all the leaks. However, if you have avoided them, then Sony has a cool new video series which explores just the right amount of the game to not spoil the fun. The “Inside the Last of Us Part II” series aims to break down key aspects of the game with the first video touching on the story.

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In a blog post, Scott Lowe from Naughty Dog explained how the game explores the life of Ellie and Loel in Jackson and how the game is broadening the cast of characters beyond the original. The video is a great watch for those who are excited about the upcoming game. You can get a glimpse at new characters, gameplay and cutscenes which have not been released before.

Keep in mind, that if you want to go into the game blind then avoid these videos. However, that is completely up to you. Over the next few weeks, Sony will release more “Inside The Last of Us Part II” videos following the below schedule;

  • May 13th: Inside the Story
  • May 20th: Inside the Gameplay
  • May 27th: Inside the Details
  • June 3rd: Inside the World


Take a look at the video down below. The game is out on 19 June 2020 for PS4.

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