Sony Delays 4 June PS5 Event Due to Protests
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Sony will not be hosting its planned 4 June PS5 event this week. The company announced the planned PS5 stream will no longer go ahead due to the ongoing protests in the United States. According to the console maker, they want to “stand back and allow for more important voices to be heard.” It is a sad but necessary delay. However, the company did not reveal a new date and time for the event.

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Sony took to Twitter to share the news. The company stated that while gamers were excited to see PlayStation 5 games, they do not feel that right now is a time for celebration. Sony is not the first gaming company to delay their announcements due to the George Floyd protests. EA delayed its Madden NFL 21 event today. In addition, Google’s Android 11 beta announcement was also delayed.

Sony did not share an update as to when gamers can expect the stream to take place. We will keep you updated as we learn more. The company was meant to host an hour-long PlayStation 5 stream this Thursday where gamers were meant to get a glimpse at upcoming games for the console. According to rumours, the event will play host to a new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 reveal, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and more. However, don’t expect to see the console itself yet. Sony claims they will share more details later on in the year.






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