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Sony Deletes Bloodborne Tweet After Fan Outcry

Sony recently tweeted an image of Bloodborne on its Twitter account, zooming the box art image in and asking fans to guess the game’s name. This, of course, backfired on Sony as fans quickly believed that the company might’ve been teasing an announcement for the long-dormant IP. Sony has since deleted the tweet.

Bloodborne was developed by From Software and launched in 2015 exclusively for PS4. Today, it’s widely regarded as one of the best dark fantasy RPG games of all time. Sony has been updating several of its IPs over the years through remasters or remakes, but Bloodborne was always notably absent from those lists. This left fans requesting a 60FPS patch, remaster/remake, sequel or PC port of the game for years, which never came.

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A combination of anticipation and tension led to fans believing that Sony was possibly teasing a new Bloodborne announcement after posting the image. Of course, it was likely meant to be a harmless tweet drawing attention to PlayStation’s vast library of IPs in attempt to create engagement, but Sony probably didn’t anticipate just how much fans really wanted a Bloodborne update.

After fans took to social media in frantic speculation, Sony quickly removed the tweet though failed to provide an explanation for why it took the post down. It’s easy to guess why, though.

For now, Bloodborne will have to remain an untouched gem in PlayStation’s history. As for why we haven’t seen any updates over the years, journalist Jeff Grubb claimed that From Software were simply too busy developing Elden Ring. The studio is still working on its latest game, possibly on DLC, so it leaves little room for From Software to return to Bloodborne. Grubb also stated that Bloodborne‘s code was too difficult for other developers to realistically work with, meaning Sony couldn’t just assign an update or port to another studio.

From Software’s focus is fixed on Elden Ring right now and for a good reason. At over 16 million units sold, it’s the developer’s highest-selling game of all time.

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