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Sony Doubles Car Prices in Gran Turismo 7 Because They Increased in Real Life

Sony has issued an update for Gran Turismo 7 that substantially increased the price of cars found in the Legend Cars dealership. Sony announced back in March that it teamed up with classic car insurance company Hagerty and would constantly increase and decrease the price of certain cars in the game depending on the real-life price tag.

In Gran Turismo 7’s latest update 1.15, the patch notes claim that the price increases are “according to real-world valuations under guidance from Hagerty”. However, fans aren’t buying it.

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Developer Polyphony Digital has slapped new prices on some of the best cars in Gran Turismo 7. Some cars even doubled in price. The Ferrari F40, for example, has gone from 1.35 million credits all the way to 2.6 million credits. Other vehicles have seen a 5% increase across the board.

While the system does make sense for the game’s mechanics, these price increases are way out there and people seem to forget that Gran Turismo 7 is an R1400 game. It also doesn’t help that credits can be purchased with real money or players can grind for credits by simply playing the game. Sony has also nerfed the rewards payout for certain tracks after players kept farming the same track over and over for the best credit payout.

Fans of the game aren’t happy about the new changes. Especially given that only 2 cars in the game are going down in price while 27 vehicles are increasing. By the look of things, Sony is doing everything possible to keep players either grinding for credits or resisting the urge to spend real money on the game. One Reddit user expressed their anger by saying:

Honestly. I grinded with the tomahawk. I got a ton of cash to upgrade regular street cars. Got a few legendary ones. Feels like that’s it. Idk why they feel the need to make this game so impossible to have fun.

F### Hagerty. Don’t care if you wanna value a car at certain credits. I’m not playing 30 hours of the same race to unlock a McLaren F1.

GT sport was way more fun and the online lobbies were better.

What the F###.

Polyphony Digital plans on rolling out the next Hagerty price increase in August.
Source: Reddit
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