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Sony Hopes PC Gamers Buy PlayStation Consoles By Locking Sequels Off The Platform

Sony has confirmed that the company will launch all future live-service games simultaneously on PS5 and PC. However, don’t expect the upcoming triple-A PlayStation single-player exclusives to be given the same treatment. Instead, Sony sees these games as opportunities to push PC gamers to purchase PlayStation consoles.

Speaking about the PlayStation business, soon-to-be co-CEO of PlayStation Hermen Hulst addressed the topic of day 1 PC releases and live service games. He confirmed that Sony will launch live service titles on both platforms on day 1 and hopes that these games will urge PC gamers to purchase a console.

Hulst says that Sony’s stance on non-live-service games is to be more strategic. He says that PlayStation sees the PC audience as an opportunity for them to purchase sequels to PC games on the PlayStation platform.

So essentially, when it is convenient for Sony, the company will push live-service games on PC to get gamers interested in an IP. However, when a single-player sequel arrives, they won’t be able to play it on PC. In this case, the game will launch only on PS5. Of course, we can likely expect a PC launch but much later down the line.

“We’re finding new audiences that are potentially going to be very interested in playing, for example, sequels on the PlayStation platform.”

Hulst was quite clear with his reference to a “sequel” here. This covers current PlayStation IPs on the PC platform including Horizon, The Last of Us, God of War, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank and others. These games’ sequels won’t launch on PC on day 1. Instead, if there was a live service version, say the leaked Horizon multiplayer project, that would come to PC on day one.

So if you’re hoping to enjoy all PlayStation games on PC like Helldivers 2, you’re out of luck. Sony’s exclusive approach is being taken on a case-by-case basis and the company is hoping to draw PC gamers to the PlayStation console by limiting these releases.

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