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Sony Hosting Resident Evil Showcase Sparks Exclusivity Rumours

Capcom is set to air its latest Resident Evil showcase later today – an event that will run for almost an hour and feature plenty of news and first looks at the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake as well as Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and its story expansion, Shadows of Rose. However, as spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, it appears that Sony is also hosting the stream tonight, leading to plenty of rumours surrounding potential PlayStation exclusivity in some form.

With an hour to work with, we’ll surely see a lot of Resident Evil 4 remake and the new content coming to Resident Evil Village. This may include a look at the PlayStation VR2 version of the game, which might explain why Sony is hosting the event on its YouTube channel. However, this has also sparked other rumours that could suggest there’s more exclusivity deals in the works that we aren’t aware of yet. Some have suggested a Resident Evil 4 remake demo that might arrive on PlayStation first.

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Sony recently announced that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be a one-year console exclusive to PS5. The company is seemingly on a exclusive-scoring spree, signing plenty of deals for anticipated upcoming projects. The Resident Evil franchise could be next, though we aren’t quite sure what Sony will make exclusive related to the showcase today. The Resident Evil 4 remake is already confirmed to launch on Xbox Series X/S as well as PlayStation consoles and PC.

As mentioned before, it’s possible that Sony is just hosting the stream because of the PlayStation VR2 version of Resident Evil Village, but there could be more to this. The showcase will run for almost an hour so Capcom might be preparing to announce something new beyond the Resident Evil 4 remake and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. It’s anyone’s guess at this point what that could be, since the next mainline Resident Evil game is presumably still a couple of years off from seeing the light of day.

On the other hand, the official PlayStation channel has hosted previous Resident Evil showcase events so this could simply be following tradition.

We’ll surely know the answers later tonight when Capcom streams the Resident Evil showcase at 3PM PDT or 12AM (midnight) SAST.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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