Sony is Closing the PS3, PSP and PS Vita PlayStation Store in August
"You can still redownload purchased content"
PS3 PSP PS Vita Online Store PlayStation Store
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Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Store across PS3, PSP and PS Vita will shut down in August as the company focuses on “improving the store experience for PS4 and PS5”.

The news does not come as a massive surprise. Last week, insiders reported that Sony would announce the closure of the digital stores by the end of March and last night the company sent out emails to PSN users detailing the procedure.


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According to Sony, the PlayStation Store closure affects both the web-based and hardware-based storefronts across PS3, PSP and PS Vita. This means that when the time comes, users won’t be able to purchase any games, DLC or buy microtransactions on their respective platforms.

Thankfully, users can still redownload purchased content through the “Downloads List” so you are not losing any of your purchased games, apps and DLC. This includes games provided through the PlayStation Plus subscription.

Sony will shut down the PlayStation 3 and PSP PlayStation Store come 2 July 2021. In addition, the PS Vita store will go offline on 27 August 2021. After these dates, no more actual purchases can be made on the platforms and no more in-game purchases can be made through games played on these platforms.

Any funds users may have on their PSN account will still be available through the web-based store, PS4 and PS5 hardware. Users can use these fund to purchase content through those marketplaces. In addition, Sony says that subscription vouchers codes will still be redeemable on the PS3, PSP and PS Vita. However, PSN wallet vouchers will not be redeemable.

Sony has detailed everything users need to know about the store closure on their support site. This is to help prepare those who still own this hardware for the upcoming changes to the PlayStation Store. You can read the full FAQ here.






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