Sony is reportedly planning a PlayStation 5 event for 3 June 2020 according to Bloomberg. The virtual event will take place next week according to multiple sources and play host to specific game reveals. However, the date may change. Sony is said to be focusing on PS5 game reveals during the virtual event instead of the console itself. Bloomberg claims Sony is not expected to “reveal every essential detail” on the console during the first stream.

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Bloomberg claims the company has more events planned for the coming weeks and months after this first initial announcement lineup. They will follow the same route as Microsoft with its Xbox 20/20 monthly showcase. However, this is unconfirmed.

Up to now, Sony has only shown us the PS5 specs, logo and DualSense Wireless Controller. We don’t know what the console looks like and it seems we won’t even see it next week either. The PlayStation 5 3 June event aligns with past rumours we have seen about the console. Previously, it was reported that the company would host an event on 4 June 2020. However, that could still be the case. Whatever happens, we reckon Sony will host an announcement by the 8 June 2020.

The event is said to play host to multiple reveals including some first and third-party games coming to the console. Rumours claim Sony will roll out massive announcements including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and more. In addition, the stream may play host to a new Final Fantasy, Resident Evil 8 and more.

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