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Sony is Reportedly Still Interested in Acquiring Square Enix

Rumours surfaced earlier this year stating that Sony were gearing up to acquire Square Enix after the company shed its Western studios like Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, selling them off to Embracer Group for $300 million. However, a new statement from Eidos Montreal founder Stephane D’Astous suggests that Sony is still interested in purchasing Square Enix Tokyo.

Speaking to recently, D’Astous talked in detail about the company’s feelings on being sold for such a miniscule amount, considering the treasure troves of IPs that both Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics possess. However, he also touched upon a long-standing rumour that Sony would eventually buy Square Enix, saying he’d “heard rumors that Sony said they’re really interested in Square Enix Tokyo, but not the rest.”

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This might explain why Square Enix were quick to drop its Western studios so suddenly. This isn’t a confirmation that Sony is still getting ready to make the purchase, so take it with a grain of salt. However, D’Astous is as close a source as any to the inner workings of the studios, so it’s entirely possible that the acquisition is on the table, though there’s no telling when it will actually happen.

As it stands, Sony and Square Enix have a great working relationship. The publisher signed exclusivity deals with Sony to get the likes of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken on PlayStation consoles, either permanently or as timed exclusives. The fine print of these exclusivity deals hasn’t been made known as Final Fantasy VII Remake hasn’t shown up on Xbox yet despite being available for over two years now.

Sony acquiring Square Enix would make sense given the relationship between the studios as well as Final Fantasy becoming a household name attached to PlayStation, which has arguably always been the case. We’ll just have to wait and see if D’Astous’ comments come to fruition.

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