PS5 Release Date is October 2020 According to Sony Job Listing
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The PlayStation 5 could be launching in October 2020 according to a new job listing at Sony. Spotted by @Nbellion, a new job listing ad on Rikunabi lists a needed manager who will help select the best components from suppliers for the PS5 manufacturing. In addition, the job listing holds some interesting information about the PlayStation 5 release date.

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The job details the role of the manager but in addition the release month of October 2020.

PS5 PlayStation 5 Release Date

“To create the PlayStation 5 scheduled to be released in October 2020”

The job listing seems legit. In addition, it is for a Japanese position at Sony Interactive Entertainment too. In short, this manager will be in charge of choosing the parts that will go into the PS5 ahead of its launch in October 2020.

While Sony has yet to confirm a release date, pricing, design (anything really), take this with a pinch of salt for now. Initial reports claimed the console would debut in November but if this is ad is true, Sony could be prepping for an earlier release. Keep your eyes peeled. Reports claim Sony will fully unveil the console near the end of May with pre-orders opening soon after.






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