Sony Launches New Game Library Site Ahead of PS5 Launch

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Sony Launches New Game Library Site Ahead of PS5 Launch

Sony is reportedly working on a new PlayStation Store to compliment the launch of the PS5 next month. The new store is set to go live on 19 October. However, it seems part of the user experience is already on the PlayStation site under a new URL ““. Sony plans to migrate all store and account activities to this new site along with a redesign to the white style seen across all its marketing. The new library page is already live and users can sign in and view all their purchases.


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Once you have signed into the site, users can find all their purchased content across PS4. This will most likely include PS5 when the time comes. There’s also a way to send games to your console and to see what you recently played. If you have a PlayStation Plus or Now subscription, users can also take a look at their game library. This includes icons to show where these games come from. If you own it through EA Access, there’s an icon next to the game.

While there’s nothing much to do here other than looking through your purchases and pre-orders, it is a good sign of things to come. The current PlayStation Store and account pages are cluttered with confusion menus and layouts. This new approach might change that for the good. Of course, Sony will share the new store details in the coming weeks as the PS5 pages go live. Right now, we can’t even pre-order Demon’s Souls in SA digitally due to the lack of a landing page.

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