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Sony Looking at Adding Real-World Ads to Free-to-Play Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment is also reportedly looking at adding real-world adverts into free-to-play titles on PlayStation.

The news comes from a new Business Insider report where the idea is to incentivise developers to continue to make free-to-play titles, offering them a viable monetisation method for their work.

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The report does not mention if Sony will be taking a portion of ad revenue from any ads that do flight in free-to-play titles but it does mention that Sony could charge other companies for the data on consumer behaviour.

Sony is supposedly testing a software programme that will allow developers to generate in-game adverts before their planned introduction later.

“The goal is for the ads to appear like they’re part of the game, like digital billboards in sports stadiums. Formats could include ads that give viewers rewards for watching ads and promotions for in-game items like avatar skins.”

This comes after a report that Microsoft is also looking at implementing adverts in free-to-play titles which they may not take a portion of the revenue generated from the in-game ads.

Once Sony and Microsoft implement in-game ads it could introduce a worrying trend where games will become nothing more than another interactive digital landscape for companies to advertise their products to consumers.

Recently, EA denied reports that they would be introducing in-game video ads on the console versions of FIFA stating:

“Following incorrect reports suggesting that we are looking to introduce ‘TV-style’ commercials into our games, we wanted to clarify that in-game advertising for console games is not something we’re currently looking at, or have signed any agreements to implement. Creating the best possible player experience remains our priority focus.”

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Source: Business Insider

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