Sony Patents AI That Will Play Games For You
"No more waiting for your co-op buddy"
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Sony thinks we need an AI system in place that will play games for us. This has been revealed in a new AI patent the company recently filed. According to the patent, an AI system is assigned to a player and as the gamer plays through a game multiple times, this AI system will study their behaviour and apply it to the system.

In theory, the AI will learn the player’s moves while tracking their gaming sessions and make similar decisions when it gets enabled in specific games.


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The example is given that hints players will be able to instruct the AI to proceed with an automatic task which the player might find difficult. In addition, specific games will be able to detect if the player is having a tough time and suggest an AI-controller approach for a certain area.

The last example, which is pretty cool on paper suggest that the AI system will be able to replace another player in a co-op game. The example says that if one player needs to leave to go eat or work (or go to the bathroom and take an hour to come back) then instead of waiting, the other player can enable the AI mode. This system will then take over the controls and gameplay until they return.

Keep in mind that this AI patent is still a patent and often they never become a reality. However, Sony has been working on AI systems for a while now. The company opened up a whole organization dedicated to AI learning and the advanced development of AI back in 2019. If anyone is going to use AI for gaming, it will be them.

Source: SegmentNext






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