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Sony Patents Controller That Stores and Charges Wireless Earbuds

Sony wants players to have their wireless earbuds readily available for use while gaming. The company has recently filed a patent which includes a new controller that has an included compartment where users can store their earbuds and charge them at the same time.

The patent details the earbuds to be “in-ear” models which may include Sony’s new Wireless Pulse Explore models. These are upcoming in-ear wireless earbuds that charge in their own carry case. The patent claims that users will be able to store their earbuds inside their controller.

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While the patent has a few methods for doing so, the idea is simple – store these earbuds inside the controller and charge them at the same time. One method involves lifting up the touchpad on the controller to reveal the storage compartment. There’s also a possibility of an under-side storage compartment.

The patent also suggests that the controller will show the charge for both the controller battery and wireless earbuds. That way, the users are aware of how much battery they still have across both devices.

“The controller is designed to act both as an input device and as a headphone storage, charging and connection case. Using the controller as a headphone case and an earbud charger eliminates the need to manage two separate devices. This simplifies the overall user experience as the user has one less device to manage communication with the gaming device. As portability becomes more mainstream and important, the audio experience also becomes more important.”

Sony recently announced its plans for the Pulse Explore earbuds, PlayStation Portal and Pulse Elite headset. You can read all about the products here.

Source: Patent via GameRant

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