Sony Patents New PlayStation DualShock Controller

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Sony Patents New PlayStation DualShock Controller

Sony has filed and been approved on a new patent design for a PlayStation DualShock controller according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. The new controller will feature a handful of changes including extra buttons and the removal of the home button.

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According to Polygon, the patent was originally approved on 26 December 2019 and features a similar design style to the current DualShock 4. However, there are a handful of changes when compared the other patent Sony filed in November including new built-in triggers.

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Patent

The new design features an additional two back triggers on the device that has been built into the back. Unlike the PlayStation DualShock Back Button attachment which Sony revealed last month, this patent has two extra triggers instead of one.

There could be other additional features in the controller including a premium analogue stick and removable buttons but the patent does not go into detail about those features. We also don’t know if Sony plans on ever releasing this controller to the public. Perhaps it will be available as an additional purchase when the PS5 releases? Sony could also just be filing the patent for the sake of securing a future design for the controller.

Whatever they plan on doing, for Sony to build its own “pro” DualShock controller sound pretty exciting and I would purchase it over a Nacon any day.

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