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Sony Plans to Roll Out PS5 and Bravia TV VRR Support in December

Sony might finally get to adding VRR support to the PS5 and its Bravia TV range in December this year. This would mark an entire year since the console has been on the market and almost 18 months since the X90H Bravia was released with VRR disabled. For those who don’t know, VRR is a major feature of this new generation of consoles. Unfortunately, while the Xbox Series X/S (and even the Xbox One X) pack Variable Refresh Rate, the PS5 launched with it disabled.

The company also released last year’s Bravia TV range, the X900H, X90, and X95 and all of the 2021 TVs without VRR enabled. According to Sony, the feature is there but a firmware update is needed in order to enable the tech.

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In an interview with YouTube channel Whisper Status 74 (video has since been removed), Robert Zhon, president of US retailer Value Electronics chatted about the VRR support in both the PS5 and Bravia TV range. According to Zhon, Sony is on track to release the feature this December. He claims that the company is waiting for HDMI to update their specs for CEC which in turn will change the eARC specifications.

“I spoke a little bit on the side of the long-awaited upgrade to variable refresh rate on the X900H, and X90, and X95 and all of the 2021 TVs. That’s still on target for December of this year. What they’re waiting for is- HDMI is gonna be updating their specs for CEC (consumer electronics control). The CEC link is gonna be changing, and so is the eARC. Sony’s engineers are gonna wait for that, so that there is one firmware update.”

It is also implied that Sony will roll out the VRR update across its Bravia TV range before releasing the firmware update on the PS5. VRR is handy tech that helps across gaming. It enabled a TV to adjust its frame rate to match the game console’s output. This results in a much smoother experience.

VRR isn’t the only feature the PS5 claims to support but shipped with it disabled. Sony has yet to enable the SSD upgrade option to the public, ALLM is also disabled and so is 8K support. All of which is mentioned on the console’s specs. Hopefully, by the end of 2021, we have the PS5 with all of its features enabled and ready for gamers.

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