Sony PS5 VR Controller Possibly Revealed in New Patent
"Individual finger resistance and more"
Sony PS5 VR 2 Controller
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We know that Sony is currently working on a new PlayStation VR (PS VR) experience for PS5. The company announced last week that the hardware would elevate the current VR landscape by providing new immersive gameplay, better visuals and sights and sounds. Along with the news, Sony also said they were working on a new PS5 VR controller and now a new patent might have just revealed it.

According to the Sony PS5 VR controller patent, the device will include a trigger button with resistance and haptic feedback. This aligns with Sony’s vision to deliver a DualSense-like experience on the hardware. Apparantly there is also a sensor that might be used for finger tracking similar to the Valve Index.


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The PS5 VR controller will also replace the dated white LED globe with a single light. Although it is unclear how whether or not this will be used to track player movements in combination with the PS4 HD Camera. The patent claims this light will emit light and change colour.

Sony’s patent application for the PS5 VR controller suggests that the finger tracking features along with the haptic feedback will allow players to feel the size and texture of a virtual object when they hold it in their hands. In addition, each finger button will deliver different levels of feedback and pressure adding more immersion to the experience.

The patent also includes a range of other notable features such as a hand strap that will let players hold the controller in either their left or right hand. The strap also includes a sensor that most likely is able to read which hand players have used to hold the controller in.

Keep in mind that this is just a patent for now but it is the closest thing we have seen to the information which Sony provided last week. The company currently has a handful of patents filed. Of which some may see the light of day while others may not. This includes a full-finger glove that tracks each finger individually and a banana. Yes, a banana. Sony also filed a patent that lets user map buttons to any object. An example they used was a banana. The patent sees games trained to recognize objects as controllers or pre-configure objects as mapped-button devices.

Sony is expected to announce and launch the PS5 VR sometime in 2022.

Source: GamesIndustry 






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