Sony Quietly Removing and Adding Games on PlayStation Plus

"Let's hope it is only this one case"

Evil genius 2 World Domination
Sony Quietly Removing and Adding Games on PlayStation Plus

The all-new PlayStation Plus service has been out for almost a day in South Africa and almost a month in the Asia market. However, it seems that Sony doesn’t really have a clear contract in place for many of the games available on the 700+ game library at the moment. Fans have noticed that a handful of PS4 and PS5 games, which have been previously marketed for the all-new PlayStation Plus service, are simply vanishing from the library with new games being added without notice.

Fans who have downloaded certain titles and played them through the Deluxe, Premium and Extra memberships are now being directed to the PlayStation Store to purchase the game which was previously listed as part of the games catalogue.

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The first game on the list is Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Sony released the game as part of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium lineup earlier this month in the US. However, after the service launched in new regions yesterday, the game wasn’t included in the AUS, New Zealand and South African lineup and subscribers in the United States have been locked out of accessing the game.

To make matters worse, Sony is still marketing the PlayStation Plus service with Evil Genuis 2: World Domination as part of the game collection. The game has its own artwork under the service and is being used as the “strategy” key artwork. Meanwhile, no one can access the title at all as if the license agreement has come to an end.

While Sony is removing games without notice, the company is seemingly also adding games to the roster too. Last night, players reportedly spotted Super Stardust Portable on the service. This game wasn’t confirmed as part of the PlayStation Plus service. Gamers in the US have been able to download and play the game. I can confirm that the game is also available as part of the South African lineup.

While the additional game is good news, it is sad that Sony is removing other titles without warning. Fans over on Reddit have expressed their frustration regarding Evil Genius 2: World Domination and its sudden lock on the service.

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