Sony Registers Trademark For Sunset Overdrive – PS5 Version Incoming?
"A PS5 port perhaps?"
Sunset Overdrive PS5 Insomniac Games
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Sony has filed a trademark for the Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive. The game, which originally released back in 2014, was an Xbox exclusive developed by Insomniac Games. Sunset Overdrive released on PC back in 2018 but the question of whether or not Sony would ever release the game on PS4 or PS5 has always remained. You see, Sony now owns Insomniac Games whereas, at the game’s release, the studio was still independent.

Sony acquired the Ratchet and Clank studio back in 2019, a year after Sunset Overdrive released on PC. Part of the agreement was that the PlayStation console maker would also own the IP. The new trademark could mean that Sony plans on releasing Sunset Overdrive on PS5 at some point. Sure, the company could simply be renewing the trademark but the registration does show that they are interested in the game.


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Insomniac Games might be very busy with the upcoming, and awesome-looking Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart but the studio could be working on other games too. Sunset Overdrive director Drew Murray left the studio back in 2018 to work with Microsoft on a first-party studio Kickstarter. However, he recently rejoined Insomniac Games in February this year. Perhaps he has been working on a Sunset Overdrive port for PS5?

According to recent leaks, a so-called “Sunset Overdrive Refreshed Edition” could be on its way. However, keep in mind that it could also just mean nothing at all.

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