Sony Releases New PS4 Pro Trailer and it is Super Creepy
Sony PS4 Pro Trailer
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Sony has released a new trailer for the PlayStation 4 Pro and right now we are not sure if it is Valentine’s Day related or what is going on in the short video. All we do know is that the new PS4 Pro trailer is creepy and unsettling.

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The PS4 Pro trailer invites viewers to “feel the power of PlayStation” but the whole direction of the trailer is pretty weird. It shows people head deep into what looks like a shady compound where they find hundreds and thousands of beating hearts hooked up to wires. The hearts are then revealed to have the PlayStation logos scarred on them.

It is by no means a light-hearted PS4 Pro trailer and it reminds me of the old school PS3 trailer from back in the day. Remember the one that featured the baby? Sony has stayed away from the scare tactic marketing for some time now and this new trailer is a change in form for the console maker.

The most important message of all is the PS4 Pro in the new trailer and while we don’t see any gameplay or game-related content at all, the idea is that our hearts are all hooked up to a PS4 Pro and it keeps us alive or excited. I am not sure really.

Sony just celebrated the news that the company has shipped 108.9 million PS4 consoles as of 31 December 2019. We are all sitting and waiting patiently for the PS5 announcement which Sony delayed last week. Take a look at the creepy trailer down below;






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