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Sony Removes 8K Branding From PS5 Slim Retail Boxes

8K was never going to happen on the PS5. While Sony originally boasted the console’s support for the resolution, the HDMI port was actually locked out of supporting 8K without Sony updating the console to enable it. Even so, it seems Sony has no plans to roll out 8K on the current PS5. The company has removed all mention of the resolution from the box and manual.

According to users, new PS5 shipments in certain countries have slightly redesigned boxes. These new boxes for the PS5 Slim don’t include any mention of 8K similar to how the launch PS5 Slim and original phat PS5 consoles do.

An image of the new PS5 Slim box was posted on X and the 8K branding is clearly gone. Sony has only left behind the 4K 120 and HDR certification.

Prior to the launch of the PS5 back in 2020, Sony claimed that the console would be compatible with 8K displays at launch. The company also stated that after a “future system software update” the PS5 would be able to output resolution up to 8K when content is available. Of course, that hasn’t happened.

There’s also no sign of Sony adding 8K to the PS5 when the console already struggles to achieve 4K across certain games. So it makes sense to remove this branding from the box. Essentially, Sony has been falsely advertising a feature on the PS5 that doesn’t exist.

With the PS5 Pro rumoured to launch later this year, perhaps Sony will add the 8K branding back onto that box? But it all depends on whether or not the console actually supports the resolution. Given that 8K is difficult to achieve, even for high-end PCs, I doubt the PS5 Pro will be the go-to 8K console. Unless Sony leans heavily onto its in-house upscaling tech, 8K is a few generations away.

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