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Sony Removes Ad After Viewers Spotted Upside Down PS5

A recent official PlayStation advertisement from Sony revealed a shot in which the PS5 was placed upside down inside of a player’s cabinet. Of course, this led to the internet ripping apart the fault, though Sony has now removed the ad altogether after fans were quick to point out the console’s horizontally challenged positioning.

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Twitter user Nibel was among one of many to first point out that Sony’s latest PlayStation advertisement clearly showed a PS5 disc version console resting in a cabinet but in an upside-down position. The console’s disc drive is shown facing upwards, meaning one would have to insert discs upside down too. This is not an uncommon error to make either as some fans have even expressed sympathy for Sony even getting the console’s real upright positioning wrong, as they’ve made similar misjudgments on what the “right side up actually is.

Sony has now completely removed the advertisement after the error spread like wildfire on social media. It’s a bit hilarious to think that even Sony themselves are unsure of the PS5’s strange design and correct horizontal positioning. PS5 owners are given an instruction manual when purchasing the console that more or less gives them an idea of how to properly place the console on its stand, though it’s also very easy to overlook this guide and instead make the same mistake, which could potentially lead to damaged discs.

We half-expect Sony to reupload the video either with that clip entirely removed, or corrected with the PS5 console now facing the right side up. That said, it was interesting to observe how many fans have completely avoided placing the PS5 in a horizontal position in fear of making the same mistake, as most users who responded have stated that they keep the PS5 in its vertical standing position instead – which does look far more natural for the intentionally vertical design of the console.

Source: Nibel

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