Sony Reportedly Delayed Today’s God of War Ragnarok Announcement

"Not happening after all"

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Sony Reportedly Delayed Today’s God of War Ragnarok Announcement

Today was meant to be a big day for God of War Ragnarok fans. According to multiple sources and reports, Sony was originally meant to reveal the game’s release date and pre-order information. However, that is no longer happening. According to these sources, the God of War Ragnarok news isn’t going to happen today and has been pushed back to further notice.

Last week we shared the news that an insider named “The Snitch” pointed to a 30 June announcement. They have reportedly notified media site Kotaku about the claims the announcement wasn’t a State of Play or a new gameplay trailer. The source can’t confirm what the announcement was going to be exactly.

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God of War Ragnarok producer Cory Barlog also took to Twitter to update fans on the current situation. While he didn’t say anything about the ongoing rumour mill of announcements, Barlog did share a heartfelt message to fans waiting for an update.

Keep in mind that neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studios confirmed or announced a reveal for today. However, multiple sources claimed it would happen. Sources that are usually somewhat reliable including The Snitch and even Jason Schrier. It seems that Sony must have delayed the 30 June God of War Ragnarok announcement at the last minute. Why? We don’t know yet. If it was a release date then perhaps the game has been delayed internally. If it was pre-order information then it could be related to logistics.

Whatever happens, we’ll share the news when it actually takes place.

Source: Kotaku

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