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Sony Reportedly Working on New PS5 Model Set to Enter Production in 2022

A new report suggests that Sony plans on kicking off production on a new PS5 model in the latter half of 2022. Before you cancel your order for your current PS5 keep in mind that this revision is very unlikely to be a “Slim” or “Pro” model. If anything, it would not feature any sort of enhancements over the current console when it comes to performance and power.

According to DigiTimes, the new PS5 model will reportedly rely on an AMD-designed SoC made using TSMC’s 6nm fabrication process as opposed to the current 7nm Soc fabrication process. This means that the overall CPU and GPU combination that the new PS5 model packs will be smaller but also cheaper to produce.


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While no company has confirmed this report yet, Siliconware Precision Industries and Tongu Microelectronics are projected to continue providing the chip production for the PS5 and Sony’s assembly partners. However, the report claims that the companies are planning a shift over to the TSMC 6nm process in 2022 which will automatically see new PS5 models produced after a certain date include the smaller SoC.

It is very unlikely that the new PS5 model will see any sort of advancement over the current due to the new SoC. Sony is most likely embracing the 6nm SoC due to its cheaper production costs. The SoC uses extreme ultraviolet lithography for up to five layers which allow the use of multi-patterning. This not only makes production faster than the 7nm but also promises up to 18% higher transistor density. It shrinks the die and reduces the cost. Two things that will benefit Sony.

Last week we reported that Sony had sold 7.8 million consoles since launch. Despite massive stock shortages with the console, the company continues to dominate sales. However, the lack of stock has taken its toll on the company. Sony’s VP Hiroki Totoki did mention in the report that Sony would investigate ways to increase the supply of the console. It seems moving away from a 7nm SoC was the answer.

But like all reports, take this with a pinch of salt for now. This also does not mean you should not buy a PS5 if you see one available. The consoles will most likely be identical if Sony does move ahead with a new SoC.

Source: Digitimes

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