Sony Reveals PS5 Logo at CES 2020 – They Added a Five

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Sony Reveals PS5 Logo at CES 2020 – They Added a Five

It was not the CES 2020 reveal we were hoping for but Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 5 logo last night. At least now we have a reference to use which is official. During the Sony CES 2020 keynote, PlayStation President Jim Ryan took to the stage to share the PS5 logo with the world and not much has changed… They simply added a 5.

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The reveal was hyped up with notable milestones of the PS4 before teasing the world with the company’s next-gen console. Ryan also confirmed that the console is indeed planned for a holiday 2020 release window so we don’t have long to wait until it arrives.

The PS5 logo is as you would expect. Sony has kept the same design and style ever since they dropped the Spider-Man-styled PlayStation 3 logo when they rebranded back in 2009. They simply dropped the four and added a five.

Jim Ryan revealed that the c0mpany plans on showing off more of the PS5 in the months ahead so expect 2020 to be filled with new PS5 news and reveals. Now that Microsoft already let the cat out of the bag about its Xbox Series X, Sony has the centre stage to make a splash with its next-gen PS5 console.

We know a rumoured March 2020 reveal event has been circling for a while now so keep your eyes open for Sony announcing that if it turns out to be true.

You can watch the PlayStation 5 logo reveal down below;

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