Sony Santa Monica Studios Confirms Second Dev Team Working on Unannounced Title
Sony Santa Monica PS5
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Sony Santa Monica Studios, the team behind the award-winning God of War, has confirmed that a second development team is currently working on a new unannounced game. The news comes from their official Twitter account that listed a job opening for an Art Director to work on this said game.


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The fact that Sony Santa Monica Studios has advertised the job opening for a “new unannounced title” gives us reason to believe that the game is not God of War: Ragnarok. Previous rumours claim the game is most likely Cory Barlog’s new IP that supposedly kicked off development in 2018. The game is rumoured to be a sci-fi adventure game which Cory himself teased on Twitter alongside sci-fi film director Duncan Jones.

Duncan met with Cory to discuss his opinion on a certain script and soon after Duncan tweeted out saying  “If you think that God of War is [Cory’s] magnum opus, just you wait!”.

Back in 2014, Sony Santa Monica canned Project Internal-7. This open-world sci-fi adventure supposedly featured multiple planets to explore and even had a Battlestar Galactica writer on board for the project. However, the game was too ambitious for the PS4 and was cancelled. Artwork for the game showed off alien creatures, hand-to-hand combat and of course, space guns!

The cancellation of Project Internal-7 hit Sony Santa Monica hard. The studio then picked up the God of War reboot and had to develop and ship the game in 4 years. Something many studios would find impossible. The success of God of War most likely means that the studio now has the resources to pick up where they left off. If this unannounced game is a sci-fi adventure then there’s a good chance Sony Santa Monica revived the project in 2018.






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