Sony Bravia X900H 4K120Hz Blur Statement Fix

Sony Says Bravia X900H 4K 120Hz Blur Fix is Coming “By Year End”

Sony is facing some rather nasty backlash over its Bravia X900H (X90H) 4K TV models. The new range of televisions are branded as “Ready For PS5” but they are far from ready. For starters, the VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (auto low latency mode) are not available on either the PS5 or TV set yet. In addition, the TV’s biggest selling point, the 4K 120Hz mode, released in a firmware update and has suffered a “blur issue” since day one. I have covered this blur in detail a number of times in the past and you can read the full report here.

UPDATE – Sony has issued firmware v6.0414 to the Bravia X900H and it has improved the 4K 120Hz blur. You can look at examples here and find out how to manually update your TV here

Sony has since acknowledged the problem with the Bravia X900H 4K 120Hz blur and last week they claimed to be working on a fix. However, according to Digital Trends, the channel states the fix will arrive by 31 December 2020. In a video where Digital Trends covers the PS5 on the Sony Bravia X900H, Caleb Denison claims to have spoken directly to the TV manufacturer about the issue. Denison says-

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#33FFB3″ class=”” size=”21″]”The good news is that Sony has told me directly that they are going to issue an update which should help eliminate the blur anytime you play a 4K 120Hz capable game. The best Sony could tell me is that, that the update was coming by December 31″[/perfectpullquote]

Keep in mind that while Sony has paused the rollout of the Bravia X900H 4K 120Hz update, users can still manually update the TV by downloading the file to the USB and installing it onto the TV. You can find a full guide on how to do this here. As for VRR and ALLM, we can only hope that the company rolls out the feature across the PS5 and Bravia TV set at the same time. When will that happen? We don’t know yet.

Keep in mind that the Sony Bravia X900H is still a great buy. The 4K 120Hz issue will most likely be ironed out soon. It is currently on sale in SA for Black Friday although the 65-inch models are all sold out. We just hope the company fixes these issues so we can enjoy the best experiences these new consoles have on offer.

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