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Sony Says PS VR2 Shipments Haven’t Been Cut

Sony has denied the reports that the company slashed its supply for the upcoming PS VR2 headset by half a million units. Yesterday we reported that Bloomberg heard from sources Sony was reducing its estimated units sold by quite a lot. Originally, the company planned to sell 2 million units by April 2024 but the report claimed that number dropped down to 1.5 million.

In a response to the claims, Sony says the company hasn’t adjusted any forecast at all and the estimated 2 million units are still on track for April 2024. The company says it has seen great enthusiasm from gamers around the world in anticipation of the PS VR2 launch later this month. As a result, it has not cut PS VR2 production numbers.

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The statement from Sony does conflict with the reports from Bloomberg. The report claims that Sony cut down its “shipments” and not its “production”. There is a difference. Shipments are what Sony plans on selling globally in the next 12 months. Whereas production refers to the number of units Sony will make in order to cater for sales over the foreseeable future.

For Sony to say the company isn’t cutting back on its production likely means it still plans to produce the same number of units. Whether or not these will sell by April 2024 is another story. Bloomberg is likely referring to the actual sales forecast for the PS VR2 hardware in the coming year.

The PlayStation VR2 headset is set to launch on 22 February alongside a lineup of over 30 games. Sony will also release its anticipated VR game set in the Horizon universe called Horizon Cal of the Mountain. Other launch titles include The Dark Anthology Switchback VR and more.

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