Sony Says PS5 is Bigger to Prevent Jet Engine Fan Sounds
"The PS5 won't sound like a jet engine."

The upcoming PS5 is huge. Earlier this week we covered just how big the console was in comparison to others on the market. So far, it is bigger than the original PS3, PS4 and even the Xbox Series X. However, it seems the size is completely warranted. Sony claims the PlayStation 5 is bigger so that it can stay cooler (obviously).

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While we don’t know what the inside of the console looks like yet, by the sound of things, Sony has built it to prevent excessive heat building up internally. Furthermore, this will help prevent the annoying jet engine sounds we get from our current PS4 consoles. You have all heard them before.

Matt MacLaurin, Vice President of user experience claims the PS5 console needed to be “bigger and bulkier” than the PS4. According to Matt, the upcoming generation of console is more like a little supercomputer and the 7nm processer delivers amazing heat performance for the power. The 7nm chipset in the PS5 also allowed Sony to fit higher performing components into the same amount of space. However, things still get hot inside the device so the cooling had to be great. This is why the console is so big.

Previous reports claim the device runs super quietly. As in it makes no noise at all but Sony has some serious ventilation issues with the PS4 which were only fixed in later releases of the Pro model. If you own an original launch-day PS4 console, chances are it makes a loud noise and even overheats when playing specific games. This issue won’t’ be present on the PlayStation 5 by the sound of things.

It will be interesting to see how Sony designed the inside of the PlayStation 5 when it releases later.

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