Sony Sells 118k PS5 consoles With Microsoft at 21k Units in Japan

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Sony Sells 118k PS5 consoles With Microsoft at 21k Units in Japan

There’s no doubt that Microsoft has a small footprint in Japan. Sony and Nintendo mostly dominate the region and the Xbox console has struggled to find its way into the hearts of gamers for years. Both Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls sold more units than both the Xbox Series X and S consoles combined in less time too. According to Famitsu, Microsoft’s console sales are also a fraction of Sony’s PS5. Over 6 days, Microsoft sold 21,000 units of combined Xbox Series X and S consoles. However, Sony pushed 118,000 consoles in 4 days.


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Famitsu also claims that stock of the Xbox Series X and S is hard to come by in Japan. So much so that retailers are now conducting lottery sales where they randomly select customers who have signed up to sell to. This is also a factor to consider when looking at the low numbers of Xbox consoles moved during launch week.

Even a couple of PS5 launch games managed to sell more copies than the Xbox Series X and S. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales sold 18,640 copies in week one. Demon’s Souls was almost on par with 18,607 copies sold.

Part of this is due to the low stock quantities of the Xbox Series X and S in Japan. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not supply enough consoles to meet the demand. This could mean that there were only 25,000 units to sell with the difference being held back for lottery sales. It is kind of a misstep on Microsoft’s behalf if you think about it. Should they have supplied more stock, perhaps the numbers would have been a lot higher.

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