Sony Shutting Down a Range of My PlayStation Web Features
"You will need to use the app going forward"
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Sony is no longer supporting the My PlayStation features on the official PlayStation website. Starting on 28 June, the company will be removing a range of systems that users had access to. This includes trophy tracking, game libraries, friends lists, profile information and party systems. Basically, Sony wants you to access all of this information on your PS4 and PS5 instead of on the web browser.

At the moment, signing into the PlayStation website offers the ability to see a list of options under your profile. This is found in the My PlayStation menu on the site. All of this is going away.


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Users have until 28 June 2021 to make use of the features on the site. Once Sony removes this, users can access all of this information from their PlayStation App as well as on the PS4 and PS5 itself.

As of 28th June 2021, the web feature MyPlayStation will no longer be supported. You can continue to access your Game Library, Parties, Friends, Trophies, Profile information on your PS4 and PS5 consoles, or via mobile on PS App. The Profile and Game Library information will also be available via web on the profile menu dropdown

Source: PlayStation






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