Sony Struggling With PS5 Price Due to Costly Parts in Short Supply
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Sony was originally meant to reveal the PS5 console at the beginning of February according to multiple rumours. However, that did not happen. Instead, the company announced they needed a little bit more time before they could reveal it fully. It seems we now know the reason. Bloomberg reports that rare hardware components may have pushed the PlayStation 5 price tag to around $450 per console forcing Sony to decide on a difficult price point for the upcoming next-gen hardware.

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We heard the other day that Sony is waiting for Microsoft to reveal the price for its upcoming Xbox Series X before finalizing its announcement. Sony planned on announcing it this month with production kicking off in March/April 2020 but the PS5 plans seem to have changed.

Sony is dealing with some headaches at the moment. The biggest one being DRAM and NAND flash memory which is always an issue in the tech world. Both of which are always in high demand as smartphone makers use the hardware throughout the year to build their new devices. The PS5 price tag all depends on this hardware and how fast it can be manufactured in time for the launch.

People close to Bloomberg claim the shortage is causing problems and has even forced Sony to cancel an upcoming camera the company was developing. Luckily the PS5 manufacturing has been unaffected by the Coronavirus which even forced the Mobile World Congress to cancel its massive event at the end of this month.

However, even with the shortage of DRAM/NAND, Sony is waiting for Microsoft to announce the price point for its Xbox Series X before settling on the PlayStation 5 price. Bloomberg claims this is the ultimate deciding factor.

Due to the delays and shortage of parts, the console is currently sitting at $450 just to manufacture. This means the PS5 price tag could sit well over that at maybe $470 or even more. Sony could also sell it at a loss and make up for it through software and accessory sales. The company did the same thing for the PS3 back in 2008.

When will the PlayStation 5 be announced? No one out of Sony knows yet but everyone is now playing the waiting game. Sony won’t hang on until June after Microsoft announces its Xbox Series X price tag to reveal the PS5. That is for sure. Perhaps we will see an announcement in March?






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