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Sony Subsidiary Releases The Perfect PS5 SSD That You Can’t Buy

With the PS5 now supporting internal SSD upgrades, gamers all over the world are rushing out to purchase new SSDs to slap into their consoles. Unfortunately, Sony’s requirements for the PS5 SSD are quite high making the options extremely limited. We have recently covered a guide on a few SSDs here, how much they cost and where to get them. Believe it or not, but Nextorage, a subsidiary of Sony has also just released its own SSD but even though the company is part of Sony, this SSD isn’t being targeted at PS5 consoles. In fact, we have no idea why the company made it in the first place.

Usually, when companies release “official hardware” for PlayStation it gets the “PlayStation Approved” stamp. We often see this in third-party chargers, headsets and other devices. So you would think that a company like Nextorage, again who is owned by Sony, would develop an SSD for the PS5 and offer it as the recommended option. That is not the case.

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The Nextorage SSD comes in 1TB and 2TB configurations. The SSD includes an installed heatsink and meets all the requirements for the PS5. According to Gigazine, who tested this storage device, the SSD fits into the console nicely and almost looks and feels as if it was made for the console. In addition, the Nextorage SSD is almost as fast as Sony’s built-in storage device making it the perfect upgrade option for gamers.

Unfortunately, as perfect as this SSD sounds, the device isn’t available anywhere outside of Japan and costs around $270. Nextorage (who we once again need to mention is a Sony subsidiary) worked on this SSD and decided to release it in Japan without any marketing towards the PS5 console whatsoever. Sony was directly involved in the development and manufacturing of the device but this was outside of the SIE division.

According to the Nextorage website, all performance tests for the SSD were done on PS5. However, the product isn’t licensed under Sony Interactive Entertainment at all. In fact, the SSD doesn’t even have the “PlayStation Approved” stamp.

Performance with PlayStation®5 is tested by Nextorage.

This is not a product developed under the license program of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Compatibility and performance are not guaranteed for all game titles.

The whole thing just doesn’t make much sense. Sony owns 51% of Nextorage, could have easily marketed this SSD for PS5, slapped the approval badge on it and released it worldwide. It would have been seen as the go-to SSD option for PS5 owners. Instead, the SSD is only available in Japan and the company doesn’t even urge PS5 owners to choose it.

Perhaps Sony will change its stance on this SSD and roll it out worldwide? We don’t know. For now, check out our SSD guide here on the best storage upgrades for the console.

Source: Gigazine

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