Sony still has a lot to show us when it comes to the PS5. After last month’s explosive reveal event, gamers are excited for the future of the PlayStation brand and want more. You are in luck. According to multiple reports from well-sourced insiders, Sony will host another PlayStation 5 event in August.

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The PS5 August event will play host to a number of first-party and third-party titles for the upcoming console. Tom Phillips claims the event is planned to fire back at Microsoft after its planned 23 July event. He says that Sony “smartly held some stuff back” to share it at a later date.

This statement makes sense given how the so-called console war plays out. For both Sony and Microsoft to announce everything at once would be a waste. Both companies are strategically planning their announcements to gain the upper hand. In addition, both are also holding back on pricing announcements until one or the other reveals it first.

The next few months will be a lot busier than what we have experienced to date. There’s still a lot to see when it comes to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. From pricing, teardowns, unboxings and even more hardware such as the rumoured budget Xbox Series X set for August. Both companies have strong selling points with the PS5 being the place to experience the best first-party lineup and the Xbox Series X and its vast library of older games. Both Sony and Microsoft only have a few more months to make their pitch to gamers as come November, we will have to decide which next-gen consoles we will purchase.

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